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Monday, March 27, 2006

Golf Instruction

Golf Instruction

Golf instruction #1: If your golf grip is the cause of your troubles then there are different kinds of golfing grips. You should go for the one that feels right for you and then always practice with that grip. Again, hitting on the correct grip for you can be a simple case of trial and error, but eventually you will hit the ones that complement your swing the best. It may take some time, but it may be worth it in the long run when you acquire that smooth, easy and effortless swing that you have wanted to have for such a long time.

Golf instruction #2: It comes naturally to us to use the iron to cup it below the ball to strike the ball up into the air. But see the club. It is not at all structured to cup beneath the ball, instead it is angled back. The result is that when a golfer makes an attempt to scoop up the ball, she or he is actually trapping it between the ground and the angled face of the club. This is the reason why, frequently, the ball remains seated – or worse makes a little backward movement.

Golf instruction #3: There is always space for doing better and better. So clearly, once you hit the correct golf swing, hold on to it and work with it. You may not be the most sought after golf player in the whole wide world, but if your swinging motions work for you and shows your scores coming down, then I am sure you will not give two hoots for being the very best in the planet! For a start it will make you feel good just to beat your friends on the field.

Golf instruction #4: Do ask for help if you have been practicing but still are not sure whether you have really grasped the nuances of the game. Your golf course should house an attendant who could provide you with some pointers. You could also enroll for some private lessons. The course pro shop should have a list of teachers in the region. Again you can go for the tried and tested process. Ask another player you have seen play hoe he or she has learnt it and if they can give you some tips for hitting the ball. You may feel foolish, but when other golfers entertain you with their stories of learning to hit the ball, everyone must take up the issue up front.

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golf instruction


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